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Natural nails are always very beautiful and nice looking if properly taken care of. The nails add beauty to the fingers of ladies when painted especially with some touch of designs. Most women add this beauty through the use of artificial nails. It is important to emphasize that longer nails that are not cared for can accommodate germs that can cause disease to the body, so if you want longer nails be it natural or artificial, ensure you give proper attention to it by keeping it clean through regular hand wash.

We need just one item for this miracle of natural nail growth and harden. Garlic is the main thing is this exercise. Garlic as you know is a natural anti-biotic (or antiseptic) and you know some of the things that slow the growth of nails and make it soft are fungi and other microbiological organisms. Garlic contains selenium which is a crucial building block for stronger and longer nails. It also keep the nail bed (the pinkish-colored soft tissue underneath your nail plate)healthy.

Get a sizable fresh Garlic, remove one clove and peel off the dry scale then with your hand use the fresh Garlic to scrub your nails, ensure that the Garlic you are using is juicy and the juice are rubbed all over the surface of the nails and to the cuticles of the nails. Continue this process for about 5 – 7 minutes. Afterwards you can choose to wash your nails or just leave it. And then apply base coat (nail hardener or transparent nail polish) to your nail which is optional. You can repeat this as often as you can until you get the desire length and harden nail that you want. Remember Garlic has very strong smell that some persons are not comfortable with. In that case you can chop some pieces of fresh garlic and add it into the nail hardener polish and add little of essential oil leave it for 7 days then use it to apply to your nails before every manicure. This can reduce the smell of Garlic. Comment and share this article.

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