A lot of people like sausage some eat sausage by either adding it to their meal direct or eating it in another food, like shawama etc. The most commonly found sausage is hot dog which is made of meat. Some persons don’t really like this because it’s made of red meat.

In this Fix it now article we shall be making sausage with chicken at home, so get ready to eat more healthy sausage, please follow the step by step method.

What Do You Need?

  1. 40g Powder Gelatin
    1. 2kg of Fresh Chicken
    1. 2 tablespoon of table salt
    1. Teaspoon
    1. Tablespoon
    1. Dry grinded red pepper
    1. Dry grinded black pepper
    1. 2 bay leaves
    1. 1 sizable onion
    1. 1 sizable carrot
    1. Kitchen knife
    1. Foil
    1. Pot
    1. Heating source (e.g. Gas cooker etc.)
    1. Strainer
    1. Water
    1. Plate
    1. Kitchen basin
    1. Drainer spoon
    1. Grater
    1. Beet root
    1. Blender
    1. Used plastic water bottle
    1. Calibrated cup/jar (plastic or glass)


Clean the carrot and the onion with the knife, no need to cut it into pieces because it will be boiled for hours. Clean your chicken and wash it ready to cook. You can use and part of the chicken, but because bone, it is advisable to use either the lags or hands or the breast, you can also use the whole chicken.

Add reasonable quantity of water into the pot and keep it on the fire (or any source of heat you are using) to start boiling. Add 1 tablespoon of salt to the boiling water, add the bay leaves, the bulb of onion and the carrot, then add the 2 kg chicken to the boiling water. Close the pot and allow it to boil for 2 – 3 hours under low heat depending on the type of chicken.

Remove the cooked chicken, onion and carrot into the kitchen basin.  Then remove the bone in the chicken, which will easily leave the flesh. Keep the bones aside as we will not need it for this sausage. Drain off 300ml of the broth (chicken water) using the drainer into the calibrated cup/jar while it’s still warm.

Keep stirring the broth (chicken water) while still warm and slowly add the 40g powder gelatin into it, continue the stirring while adding the gelatin. Don’t pour the gelatin at once if not it will lump.

Grate small quantity of the beetroot into the plate and use the strainer with the spoon to extract 2 tablespoon of the beetroot juice. Add 2 tablespoon of the beetroot juice to the chicken in the basin, add 1 teaspoon of the dry grinded red pepper and 1 teaspoon of black grinded pepper, then add the gelatin water (solution) to it and blend everything together. Blend it very well so that it will be smooth.

Cut the water bottle open close to the neck and pour the smoothly blended chicken into it, and cover it with the foil keep it the fridge over night. Then your sausage is ready. Tear the water bottle and cut your sausage to the size you want. If you want the hot dog sizes, then fold your foil to the sizes you want, use your spoon to collect the smoothly blended chicken into the foil and keep it overnight in the fridge. Comment and share this article. See video of the process HERE

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